Dj Alchemixx

Combining both an immense passion and strong dedication to the art of being an effective DJ, there is no boundary that DJ Alchemixx is not willing to push to ensure the satisfaction of the crowds he plays for. Offering a wide range of musical versatility accompanied by an energetic and interactive DJ style, Alchemixx provides a superior entertainment experience while delivering with a high caliber of musical precision. Professionally employed as a disc jockey for one of Toronto’s premier and award winning DJ company’s, Alchemixx has performed at several different venues for a multitude of diverse crowds. Established as a master of ceremonies (MC), DJ Alchemixx has not only performed at an extensive amount of events, but has also enthusiastically hosted them as well. Whether it be hosting his own sets at a nightclub or formally hosting an evening for a private function, Alchemixx prides himself in being a relatable and reliable entertainer for any audience. Staying true to the craft of being a DJ, Alchemixx aims to provide an entertainment experience that satisfies not only the expectations of the client but their crowd as well. Alchemixx has been granted the opportunity to be a regular contributor on one of Toronto’s well known urban music radio stations entitled Vibe 105FM. DJ Alchemixx has played live to air numerous times as a guest DJ on FTL Radio amongst several other high profile DJ’s. In addition to the guest DJ sets performed on FTL Radio, Alchemixx has also been fortunate to DJ the mini mixes on Vibe 105 which air regularly throughout the week. In terms of hosting experience, Alchemixx has also hosted many shows on Vibe 105 previewing brand new music and content. It does not stop solely at Vibe 105 however, DJ Alchemixx has also been a guest DJ on 89.5FM which is the University of Toronto’s campus radio. DJ Alchemixx has also been invited to DJ internationally and provide his entertainment services abroad. Alchemixx is strongly committed to leaving a lasting impression for every audience he plays for, lets craft your event together and make it one to remember.

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